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In a previous post, we discussed 2K image-to-image translation, video to video synthesis, and large-scale class-conditional image generation. Namely, pix2pixHD, vid-to-vid, and BigGAN.

But how far are we from generating realistic style-based images? Take a quick glance how stylish a real photo can be:

To this end, in this part, we will focus on style incorporation via adaptive instance normalization. …

Wasserstein distance, boundary equilibrium and progressively growing GAN

GANs dominate deep learning tasks such as image generation and image translation.

In the previous post, we reached the point of understanding the unpaired image-to-image translation. Nevertheless, there are some really important concepts that you have to understand before you implement your own super cool deep GAN model.

In this…

Nikolas Adaloglou

AI Research Engineer

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